The Creek Fire for Curbed

Between Christmas and New Year’s, I photographed the aftermath of the Creek Fire for Curbed. The folks living in Kagel Canyon have been through hell, and many are understandably guarded and suspicious of outsiders, especially someone poking around with a camera. But once I talked to them a bit, they were the warmest, most welcoming people I’ve ever photographed. More below.

Behind the Scenes for HATCH

In the first few days of December, I photographed behind the scenes for HATCH in Malibu and Venice. While the main photo shoot was taking place, I shot the models in their downtime, as well as products for HATCH’s social media. What I love about behind-the-scenes photography is the chance to tell the story of the brand authentically. It’s more slapdash, more fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, more hit-or-miss, but it’s real—and when it works, it’s fantastic.

Doris Martel for ELLE

I photographed L.A. Clippers neuromuscular therapist Doris Martel for ELLE.