Pressing Pause

So many words and photos are coming at me, all day long. I just want to stop the world and catch up for a year. I love Instagram, I really do. But the images fly by, and I worry I don’t even know how to look at a photograph anymore. Twitter is so quick and the news is coming at us so fast that I can’t develop a thought or have a conversation. Back in the day, blogging was how I connected with other photographers, how I put my work out in the world. Blogging feels dead these days. Who has the time to write, let alone read?

I’m writing this on a Monday night in the middle of January, and I don’t know if I’ll ever even publish it for anyone else to see. But it’s an attempt, however small, to stop, to breathe, to think. If I keep this up, maybe I’ll start making this blog public. Just these few minutes have helped, though. And that’s something.